Frequently Asked Questions

Find below, some answers to some of the questions we receive the most.

Is APDC same as AIPDC

No. APDC is a subsidiary of the former, AIPDC (Abuja Investment and Property Development Company) which is now AICL (Abuja Investments Company Ltd). It was the property division of AIPDC when it was carved out of AIPDC during a restructuring in 2006. AIPDC is now renamed AICL, and APDC is its subsidiary.

Is the company a private organisation or government owned?

APDC is wholly owned by AICL which is in turn 100% owned by the FCTA. Thus this makes it a Government agency with autonomy to run its operations and affairs. The company currently runs with private sector initiatives, and also consolidates the government’s PPP initiatives.

What does APDC do as a business?

We provide all forms of property development services, ranging from project planning and construction from start to finish. We serve the needs of all our clients both in the public and private sectors, providing project management services, construction management and contracts, and facilities management of built structures. We also provide project advisory and consultancy services to our clients.

Does the company provide land to other private developers?

No. APDC applies for land for all its developments to AGIS, which is the sole government agency responsible for land allocation and administration in the FCT.

    Terms and Conditions

    • It is agreed that the form is only an expression of interest and does not guarantee an allocation.

    • Allocation of selected house type shall be made upon payment of 1st installment deposit, and the buyer shall pay the subsequent installments within the stated period.

    • However, no choice of a specific house is guaranteed until the payment of at least 60%.

    • Failure to pay subsequent installment(s) within the stated period, constitutes a default and confers on the Developer, the right to sell the unit.

    • Prices are subject to review at any time, and will apply for transactions on which less than 60% of total payment has been received by APDC